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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So Much Information to Share!

Today's post has tons of information to share with all of you!  You just may want to grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable. :)

I found a couple very helpful sizing charts on-line that will help all of you have a better understanding of how small preemies (of all sizes) can be.  Unless you have personally seen or held the youngest of preemies, I believe it is difficult for most people to truly imagine their tiny sizes.  This chart gives measurements for EVERYTHING (head, arms, chest, torso, legs, feet, etc). Click on these links below:



Next, the Angel Ensemble is now complete.....

My heart is happy to see this idea coming together. Along with individual items (hats, etc.) that are needed and used on a daily basis in NICU units, one of my personal hopes in creating "Grandma's Promise" was to also supply complete angel/burial ensembles that could be packaged together in a gallon size zip-loc bag, labeled with the size and appropriate sex, easy to store which will make it easy for the nurses to find everything needed when a precious child has passed away.

The entire ensemble consists of an angel gown/outfit, coordinating hat/bonnet, booties, and afghan/quilt.  I'm also creating a "Grandma's Promise" card to slip into each bag, and whenever appropriate, I'm hoping the nurses will pass the card along to the family just to let them know that whoever crafted the items did so in love and sympathy for their loss.  By creating a Grandma's Promise card, those of you who prefer to make items for hospitals near you, will still be able to associate yourself with this new ministry.

Let me share some additional information concerning individual items in this ensemble....

Details about afghans or quilts....

An appropriate size to crochet preemie afghans or sew preemie quilts (will soon share quilt ideas and photos in future posts) is anywhere from 18 inches to 28 inches square.

IMPORTANT:  If you are crocheting preemie afghans to be used on a daily basis with babies as they grow and thrive, you will need to use a pattern that is fairly SOLID in its construction. Babies can get their fingers, etc. caught in any "openings" in an afghan.

On the other hand, if you are crocheting afghans to be used as part of a angel/burial ensemble, you can use other patterns such as this simple granny square that I used.  If you are new to crocheting and would like me to share how easy it is to add this very easy scallop on the last row, just let me know.

I found the EASIEST crochet pattern for preemie booties imaginable....

you can see and print this FREE pattern at the following link:


I forgot to take pictures while I was making these blue booties, so I made a pair of pink ones to show you how easy it is to construct them with this pattern.  Each bootie is made in one piece....

Then you just fold it over and stitch the foot section together with yarn....

Then flip the bootie inside out which helps give it "shoe" shape....add ribbons in the ankle section for ties (or you can crochet a chain to use instead)....

Until next time,
Grandma (Theresa)


  1. The ensemble is just precious, Theresa! When we chose a dress for our Jamie Lynn, it was a few sizes too big! How wonderful for these families... Jeri

    1. Thank you Jeri for sharing your personal experience. My heart hurts for the loss of your Jamie Lynn. Receiving feedback from you and others who have experienced the loss of an infant, letting me know that you approve of these ideas and that you feel they will bring comfort, strengthens my commitment to continue doing this. Blessings!.....Theresa

  2. I have been making preemie clothes and crocheting hats, blankets and booties for 19 years.
    Our twin grandchildren were born at 24weeks. Catherine weighed 1 pound 3 ounces and her brother Samuel weighed 1 pound 7 ounces. Catie passed away still in the hospital NICU after 5 1/2 months. Sam just graduated high school and is joining the Air Force. GOD doesn't make mistakes..Keep up the wonderful blessing you are giving the parents of NICU babies.... I'm always looking for new patterns to crochet..