"I call them my little butterflies. They flew in just long enough to steal a part of my heart, and then flew away to Heaven."

Monday, April 30, 2012

Preemie Quilts - A new idea for Angel Ensemble

For a change, (and to give my poor fingers a rest from constant crocheting), I decided to make a couple of Angel Ensembles with coordinating fabric quilts rather than crocheted afghans.

The quilt is a simple 9-Patch design.....
Using the same fabric as was used to make the angel gown, I cut a total of four - 5" blocks.  Then using a coordinating pink solid, another five - 5" blocks were cut.  Since I wanted to pair lavender crocheted booties and bonnet with this gown, I chose a lavender print to make the borders (2 1/2" wide strips).

A very soft pink dot on white flannel was used to back the quilt....

 A very thin batting was used between the top and bottom layers of the quilt.  To keep things simple, I used the "quilt in the ditch" method to outline the blocks and border.

Since my brain tends to think in "pairs"....I then put together another Angel Ensemble appropriate for a baby boy....
Once again....I used the same fabric in both the gown and quilt.
Soft coordinating blue dot on white flannel backing....

Blue crocheted hat and booties were added to complete the ensemble.  (Needless to say, coordinating crocheted butterflies are also included in each set.) :)

Until next time,
Theresa (Grandma)


  1. Grandma Theresa,
    This is a beautiful angel ensemble for a boy and /or girl. You are providing a sweet sweet ministry that will help others and I pray it helps you too, with such a huge loss. Love to you and Ray.
    P.S. Can you post a pic of the crocheted butterflies?

    1. Hey Sheri...thanks for your kind words!

      Concerning the butterly photos....under "Blog Archive" (top - right on this page)... click on the previous post called "Butterfly Memories" for photos of completed butterflies and instructions.

  2. These are beautiful !!!