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Monday, October 15, 2012

150 Hats to Hospital in Savannah, Georgia

Just a quick update to let everyone know that a HUGE box of 150 crocheted hats was shipped last Thursday to the St. Joseph-Candler Hospital in Savannah, GA.  Our contact nurse there let me know that the box arrived on Saturday!

I had mistakenly being saying this was another NICU....actually, this is considered a Special Care Nursery.

We are currently working on a few Angel Ensembles in larger sizes to send their way also.

More updates to come over the next few days...I'm currently putting together a donation of Angel Ensembles for a hospital in Binghamton, NY....details on that later. :)

Thanks again for everyone's support!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

No Other Word But AMAZING!

Approximately one month ago, I sent out an e-mail to the current core group of crafters supporting Grandma's Promise.  In that message, I explained that we had a specific need for larger, newborn sized hats for one of our newest donation recipients.  I asked that everyone put aside the projects they were working on for our preemie Angel Ensembles and concentrate on this special need.

I should also say that immediately prior to this request, all of these crafters had sent in other completed items (quilts, Angel Ensembles, etc.)...... and I still have not posted all the photos from those items....another item on my "to-do" list. :)

The handcrafted items have been arriving in my mailbox for the last week or so....with the last expected box arriving last night.

This is what my kitchen table looks like this morning.....

Here is the breakdown....

Rena in Pennsylvania mailed a package with one complete Angel Ensemble and 6 hats...

I MUST take a second to explain this next donation....

Candy in New York has been one of our dedicated crafters from the very start of Grandma's Promise.  She had a bad bicycle accident not too long ago and injured her wrist, elbow and shoulder...to the point that she sent word that she wasn't sure how long it would take before she could crochet and/or sew again.  I included her in the e-mail that was sent out, KNOWING that she would not be able to make anything at this time.  (Prior to her accident, she had contributed TONS of completed Angel Ensembles...that I still haven't posted photos of...one more "to-do" project!)

Imagine my shock when I opened this donation of 33 crocheted hats from our very own injured Candy!

Then I received a package with these 15 crocheted hats from Marianne in New York.....

Another contribution of 10 crocheted hats from Terri in New York....

The box delivered last night was from our dedicated Texas Crafters.....

They sent a total of 94 hats, 5 crocheted gowns, 3 quilts and 10 afghans......this blows my mind!

Now I just need to add all of these items to everything else here....I think I'm going to have a busy few days separating and preparing the donations to go out to the appropriate NICU's.


Theresa (aka Grandma)