"I call them my little butterflies. They flew in just long enough to steal a part of my heart, and then flew away to Heaven."

Friday, July 18, 2014

Donations Heading to Indiana

It's been a long while since I last posted an update.  It has become increasingly difficult to find hospitals that will accept our donations of Angel Ensembles.  It can be very frustrating to know that the need for these items is always present in this world, but finding ways to get the items "in the door" can often be impossible.

Today is a good day, and I'm happy to report that 16 complete Angel Ensembles was shipped to a hospital in Indiana.

In my excitement to actually have a hospital happy to receive our Angel Ensembles, I forgot to take a photo before my dear hubby took the box with him today to mail.

As always, I'll report any new updates as they occur.

Grandma's Promise

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Donation Delivered to Tennessee Hospital

Everyone involved in Grandma's Promise has been working extra hard the past couple of months or so preparing for upcoming donations.

One donation was personally delivered yesterday to a hospital in Tennessee.  Here is a small taste of what of was included in that delivery....

These Angel ensembles are a mixture of handcrafted items from numerous crafters.  We are tirelessly continuing to prepare for two more upcoming larger donations...one to another hospital in Tennessee and one donation to a hospital in New York.

I'm still amazed at how ensembles come together....the amount of crafters involved...some are complete ensembles from Candy, some ensembles have blankets from the Texas Crafters, hats, booties & butterflies from Marianne teamed up with gowns from Lillian.  The combinations of contributors is varied and numerous!

Thank you again for all your hard work!  The need, sadly, never ends....
Theresa (aka Grandma)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Helping in an Unexpected Way

I just wanted to take a moment to share with everyone a unique and unexpected opportunity for Grandma's Promise to help a grieving family last week.

A funeral home employee contacted someone associated with Grandma's Promise with a special need.  This employee was aware of what Grandma's Promise has been supplying to hospitals in several states, specifically our Angel Ensembles.

Sadly, a precious set of premature twin girls had been born and only survived one day.  This particular funeral home was in charge of their funeral.  The family was having a difficult time finding something small enough to dress these two precious angels.

The funeral home employee asked this special lady who has crafted for Grandma's Promise from the very beginning if we could help.

She doesn't want any recognition, but I just had to share that she made two matching gowns that evening and delivered them to the funeral home the next morning.

Our hearts grieve along with this family, complete strangers to us, yet we are bonded through our shared experience of loss.  The tragic loss of premature twins.

Please keep this family in your prayers as the coming days are certain to be difficult.

Also, my sincere, heartfelt appreciation is extended to this special lady (she knows who she is) who took the time to quietly minister to a grieving family, complete strangers to her,  using her talent of sewing.

Grandma's Promise continues to touch lives in ways we never dreamed possible when forming this ministry just one short year ago.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First Birthday

One year ago today, at 7:13pm I witnessed the miraculous birth of my grandson, Morgan Reed and only one short minute later, at 7:14pm I witnessed the next miraculous birth of my granddaughter, Meghan Christine.  One year ago my heart was filled with love and a life time of dreams to come, and at the same time I was filled with fear.  They were forced to meet us too early.  The doctors gave us hope of their survival, and we prayed.  They both tried so hard, and they fought a good fight for two days, but they just couldn't hang on.

Not a day goes by that Morgan and Meghan don't cross my mind at least once.  Some days I cry a little, some days I cry a lot, some days I attempt to smile and I'm able to stop the tear drop from rolling down my cheek as it just pools in my eye until it evaporates.  It's been a hard year....will it get any easier?  I honestly don't know, I'm new on this journey and I'm having to take one day at a time.

Some days I wonder at how two little lives, only on this earth for two days could leave such an impact on so many people.  Love is limitless!

Morgan and Meghan, I love you and wish with all my heart that you were still with us!  I wish we could have celebrated your first birthday together.  I wish so many things that can't come true.


I hope you both know how much your Grandma loves you!

Grandma's Promise was created in Morgan's and Meghan's honor and memory.  We currently support five hospitals with our donations of hand-crafted Angel Ensembles.  We have accomplished more in this past year than I imagined in the beginning, and we still have lots of work to do.  To all the wonderful people who have supported Grandma's Promise with your time, talent, funds and prayers, THANK YOU!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gearing Up for New Donation

I know it's been awhile since there was a new post...but things have been relatively quiet as far as donations go.  Our crafters continue to work their magic producing beautiful items and I've just been waiting for the next opportunity to send out a batch.

Most of our hospitals still had Angel Ensembles on hand so they weren't ready for a new delivery just yet.  And of course, keep in mind that this is the time of year (during the holidays) when crafting groups will typically make their one time, or yearly donation of specific items (blankets or hats usually)...in other words, hospitals are probably receiving multiple donations during this time period.

Grandma's Promise is an on-going ministry and our hope is to keep the NICU's supplied all year round.  I've told each hospital that my intent is to have a stock of Angel Ensembles ready to be delivered at a moments notice.

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, we are working towards adding at least one, possibly two more hospitals to our list of recipients.  I was notified this week that our newest hospital, Wilson NICU in Binghamton, NY is ready.  I'm now just waiting for word on the exact day and time to make this first donation to their hospital (possibly as early as tomorrow).

My sewing room table is slowly stacking up as I'm making sure each Ensemble has everything needed to complete the sets.

I have a container of afghans/quilts, one for hats, one for booties, one for gowns, and one for butterflies (and of course there are a few already complete Ensembles from those of you that are putting them together yourself).

I always think it is so neat to see individual items, made by different crafters, match perfectly to create a complete Angel Ensemble.  As an example.....

The soft peach micro-preemie sized cap, booties and butterfly was in a past donation package from our wonderful crafter Candy V. in NY.  She had actually sent an entire Ensemble using this yarn and that Ensemble was included in an earlier donation.  This hat, booties and butterfly (my guess) was crocheted using the leftover yarn she had from the first Ensemble.  I received another huge box of items this week from our Texas Crafters and as soon as I pulled this lovely afghan made from a varigated yarn in white, pink and PEACH....I instantly remembered the items I had stored from Candy V. just waiting to be matched and used to complete an Angel Ensemble.  The white crocheted gown was one left from a previous box of donations from the Texas Crafters.  Didn't the individual items make a precious set when paired together?

Needless to say, we have an awesome group of crafters (we couldn't do this without them)....but there's always room for more.  I wanted to share that we have added a new quilter to Grandma's Promise.  Please welcome Billie in NY! :)

Billie made three beautiful preemie quilts and I received them last week.  They are lined with a soft baby flannel and it is very evident the love and care she put into making these items.

Thank you Billie in NY!!!

Thank you also to Candy V. in NY, Rena in PA, Annie in NJ, Marianne in NY, Lillian in TN, Tertia in South Africa and the Texas Crafters!!!!!!  (I hope my feeble mind has not accidentally left someone out of the list!)

Blessings everyone!
Grandma (aka Theresa)

Monday, October 15, 2012

150 Hats to Hospital in Savannah, Georgia

Just a quick update to let everyone know that a HUGE box of 150 crocheted hats was shipped last Thursday to the St. Joseph-Candler Hospital in Savannah, GA.  Our contact nurse there let me know that the box arrived on Saturday!

I had mistakenly being saying this was another NICU....actually, this is considered a Special Care Nursery.

We are currently working on a few Angel Ensembles in larger sizes to send their way also.

More updates to come over the next few days...I'm currently putting together a donation of Angel Ensembles for a hospital in Binghamton, NY....details on that later. :)

Thanks again for everyone's support!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

No Other Word But AMAZING!

Approximately one month ago, I sent out an e-mail to the current core group of crafters supporting Grandma's Promise.  In that message, I explained that we had a specific need for larger, newborn sized hats for one of our newest donation recipients.  I asked that everyone put aside the projects they were working on for our preemie Angel Ensembles and concentrate on this special need.

I should also say that immediately prior to this request, all of these crafters had sent in other completed items (quilts, Angel Ensembles, etc.)...... and I still have not posted all the photos from those items....another item on my "to-do" list. :)

The handcrafted items have been arriving in my mailbox for the last week or so....with the last expected box arriving last night.

This is what my kitchen table looks like this morning.....

Here is the breakdown....

Rena in Pennsylvania mailed a package with one complete Angel Ensemble and 6 hats...

I MUST take a second to explain this next donation....

Candy in New York has been one of our dedicated crafters from the very start of Grandma's Promise.  She had a bad bicycle accident not too long ago and injured her wrist, elbow and shoulder...to the point that she sent word that she wasn't sure how long it would take before she could crochet and/or sew again.  I included her in the e-mail that was sent out, KNOWING that she would not be able to make anything at this time.  (Prior to her accident, she had contributed TONS of completed Angel Ensembles...that I still haven't posted photos of...one more "to-do" project!)

Imagine my shock when I opened this donation of 33 crocheted hats from our very own injured Candy!

Then I received a package with these 15 crocheted hats from Marianne in New York.....

Another contribution of 10 crocheted hats from Terri in New York....

The box delivered last night was from our dedicated Texas Crafters.....

They sent a total of 94 hats, 5 crocheted gowns, 3 quilts and 10 afghans......this blows my mind!

Now I just need to add all of these items to everything else here....I think I'm going to have a busy few days separating and preparing the donations to go out to the appropriate NICU's.


Theresa (aka Grandma)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Gearing Up for More Donations

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are preparing to box up several batches of donations to mail to our current list of NICU's (which includes our newest addition in Georgia).  The next couple of weeks will be VERY BUSY at my house. :)

Also...I'm excited to say that I had the unexpected opportunity to meet a couple of women locally who are in the position to facilitate the addition of local hospital NICU's to our ever growing list of donation sites.  As things develop, I'll share the news with you.

Here are a few photos of past ensembles that I hadn't shared with you yet....

They are wonderful examples of involving many people in the construction of one ensemble....basically, one person may have made the quilts/afghans, another the hat, another the gown, another the booties, and another person making the butterflies....yet everything went together beautifully!

Trust me....there are SO many more photos to share....I will get them posted slowly but surely. :)  Continue crafting ladies....you are truly touching lives with your talents.

Theresa (aka Grandma)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Donation Delivery to Holston Valley NICU

Just wanted to share a photo of a HUGE box of Angel Ensembles being delivered to Holston Valley NICU in Kingsport, Tennessee.  The box was so large that this young lady brought out a cart to roll it into the hospital after getting it out of my mom's car. :)

A big "Thank You" goes to my parents who allow me to mail items to their home and then they in turn hand deliver the donations (to the two different hospitals in Tennessee) with a smile.  Whenever possible we prefer to hand deliver our donations.  By doing so, we are putting "real people and faces" behind the name "Grandma's Promise".

We want everyone involved....the hospital administration, the NICU nurses and doctors, and of course the families of the babies who receive these items, to know that the crafters of these items are people who truly put their hearts into this ministry.


Thank you crafters for all you do!

Grandma (aka Theresa)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

3rd Hospital To Become Recipient of Our Donations

Just a quick update to let everyone know that Grandma's Promise continues to grow and has officially added a third hospital to become a recipient of our donations of handcrafted Angel Ensembles, hats, etc.

Items will now be heading toward Savannah, Georgia....along with our current two hospitals in Johnson City, Tennessee and Kingsport, Tennessee.

We have received many more finished items over the past couple of weeks from our current dedicated crafters....with more photos to share in upcoming blog posts.  (Candy in NY has been busy, Texas Crafters stay busy....just to name a few.)

I am currently printing the cards and including them in the individual bags of ensembles....as decisions are made as to which items will be shipped to the three waiting hospitals based on each individual hospitals needs at this time. 

More updates and photos will be posted soon.

If you are a crafter who knits, crochets, or sews and would like to jump on board and help us minister to these precious little ones and their families, please e-mail and I will be more than happy to help guide and get you started.

We are always in need of more crafters.

Email:  grandmaspromise@yahoo.com

Continued Blessings,
Grandma (aka Theresa)