"I call them my little butterflies. They flew in just long enough to steal a part of my heart, and then flew away to Heaven."

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Donation Delivery to Holston Valley NICU

Just wanted to share a photo of a HUGE box of Angel Ensembles being delivered to Holston Valley NICU in Kingsport, Tennessee.  The box was so large that this young lady brought out a cart to roll it into the hospital after getting it out of my mom's car. :)

A big "Thank You" goes to my parents who allow me to mail items to their home and then they in turn hand deliver the donations (to the two different hospitals in Tennessee) with a smile.  Whenever possible we prefer to hand deliver our donations.  By doing so, we are putting "real people and faces" behind the name "Grandma's Promise".

We want everyone involved....the hospital administration, the NICU nurses and doctors, and of course the families of the babies who receive these items, to know that the crafters of these items are people who truly put their hearts into this ministry.


Thank you crafters for all you do!

Grandma (aka Theresa)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

3rd Hospital To Become Recipient of Our Donations

Just a quick update to let everyone know that Grandma's Promise continues to grow and has officially added a third hospital to become a recipient of our donations of handcrafted Angel Ensembles, hats, etc.

Items will now be heading toward Savannah, Georgia....along with our current two hospitals in Johnson City, Tennessee and Kingsport, Tennessee.

We have received many more finished items over the past couple of weeks from our current dedicated crafters....with more photos to share in upcoming blog posts.  (Candy in NY has been busy, Texas Crafters stay busy....just to name a few.)

I am currently printing the cards and including them in the individual bags of ensembles....as decisions are made as to which items will be shipped to the three waiting hospitals based on each individual hospitals needs at this time. 

More updates and photos will be posted soon.

If you are a crafter who knits, crochets, or sews and would like to jump on board and help us minister to these precious little ones and their families, please e-mail and I will be more than happy to help guide and get you started.

We are always in need of more crafters.

Email:  grandmaspromise@yahoo.com

Continued Blessings,
Grandma (aka Theresa)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Marianne in NY Does It Again

Another donation has been received from Marianne in New York.  Marianne creates the entire ensemble herself....by sewing each gown and crocheting the afghans, bonnets, booties and butterflies. 

Just look at these beautiful Angel Ensembles....

It is very evident that Marianne pours her love into each and every stitch she makes. 


Theresa (aka Grandma)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Donations from Annie in NJ

What a sweet surprise to receive another package of extra teeny, tiny hats made by Annie in New Jersey.  This is the second batch of items we have received from Annie. 

We are now gearing up to send out our third official box(es) of donated items.  Now that we have two (possibly soon to be three) NICU's to supply, it always seems to be a busy time here in my home as I sort and assemble items to be sent to each hospital.

Grandma's Promise continues to grow and provide more and more items for premature babies.  Our crafters certainly have BIG hearts, working hands and giving spirits.

THANK YOU ANNIE for your part in this ministry!!!  There would be no Grandma's Promise without you and all the other crafters on board!

Theresa (aka Grandma)