"I call them my little butterflies. They flew in just long enough to steal a part of my heart, and then flew away to Heaven."

Monday, September 24, 2012

Gearing Up for More Donations

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are preparing to box up several batches of donations to mail to our current list of NICU's (which includes our newest addition in Georgia).  The next couple of weeks will be VERY BUSY at my house. :)

Also...I'm excited to say that I had the unexpected opportunity to meet a couple of women locally who are in the position to facilitate the addition of local hospital NICU's to our ever growing list of donation sites.  As things develop, I'll share the news with you.

Here are a few photos of past ensembles that I hadn't shared with you yet....

They are wonderful examples of involving many people in the construction of one ensemble....basically, one person may have made the quilts/afghans, another the hat, another the gown, another the booties, and another person making the butterflies....yet everything went together beautifully!

Trust me....there are SO many more photos to share....I will get them posted slowly but surely. :)  Continue crafting ladies....you are truly touching lives with your talents.

Theresa (aka Grandma)