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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ready, Set, Go!

The excitement of making preemie items in memory of Morgan and Meghan has filled me with an energy and renewed sense of purpose that is hard to explain.  I am so humbled by the willingess of others to help me on this journey....whether by actually crocheting, knitting, quilting or sewing items or by offers from those who do not craft themselves, but want to donate funds for supplies.  Imagine my surprise to receive an e-mail from a wonderful lady in South Africa who is planning to knit caps for our ministry!!!  I believe in my heart that Grandma's Promise will bring love, light and support to many families throughout the coming days, months and years. 

I have never claimed to be an expert of ANYTHING.....especially when it comes to crochet.  My mother taught me the basics of pretty much all craft related skills when I was a young child....and I am so thankful for her talent and willingess to pass it down to me.  In most areas of my life (including crafts), I typically say "I'm a Jill of all trades, master of NONE!"

Since I don't know much about crochet, I still have a difficult time guessing how much yarn will be required to complete a specific project.  So last night, I looked at this little ball of left over baby yarn and wondered how far I would get on a hat that would fit an approximately 1 lb. preemie.

Then, 15 minutes later (while I watched "Dancing With The Stars"), I had this completed project....

And I still have this much yarn left....I wonder if I can get another hat? :)

I am currently writing up the pattern for this little hat.  I looked over several patterns and after experimenting, came up with this quick and very simple one (it would have to be for me to do it).  After more experimenting, I've come up with some variations to make three different sizes so far...a hat for a 1 lb. preemie, 2 lb. preemie and 3 - 4 lb. preemie.  I hope to finish writing everything down tonight and hope to post it tomorrow for any of you who would like to try it yourself.

Until next time....thanks for all your support and encouragement!
Theresa (Grandma :)


  1. That is the cutest, tiniest hat I've ever seen! I'm looking forward to the pattern so I can get started on beanies to send to you. What a wonderful person you are for doing this.

    1. Chrissy, sometimes I think that unless you have personally seen or held a 1 lb. precious baby, it's almost impossible to really imagine how small they truly are...it truly boggles my mind! I want to thank you for your willingness to make some hats and will get the directions posted as soon as possible!