"I call them my little butterflies. They flew in just long enough to steal a part of my heart, and then flew away to Heaven."

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Beautiful Ensembles from Marianne

Another box of beautiful creations arrived in the mail from Marianne in New York.  This woman is simply amazing!!!!  In this latest box of handcrafted items, she has made FIVE complete Angel Ensembles and a handful of extra hats. 

Each ensemble is unique and has it's own special coordinated colors.

There is blue and yellow, rose and sage green, blue and cream, pink and cream, lavender and pink.....and she not only crocheted the bonnets, booties, afghans, and butterflies...but she sewed tiny gowns from soft flannel to match!!!!!!

In the photo above, everything is neatly folded in sets but I will share more detailed photos of each ensemble once we have the boxes ready to be shipped out to the NICU units....which will be soon! :)

I know I tend to say the same thing often, but I am just so humbled by the hearts of others and their willingness to give of their time and talents to reach out to families, complete strangers, in their moment of grief and to also craft items that are used on a daily basis for infants that are small but do survive!

THANK YOU again Marianne!

Theresa (aka Grandma)

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