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Friday, June 8, 2012

Candy's Creations - More Donations from New York

All of these beautiful items were crafted by Candy in New York....yet another person with a heart of gold and a desire to use her talents to reach out to others.  This is another story of someone I now call friend, but I've never actually met. 

In this second batch of items from Candy, there are FOUR complete sets consisting of afghans, hats, booties and matching butterflies - we will add matching gowns.  There are also several sets of hats, booties and coordinating butterflies that will give us the opportunity to add coordinating quilts and gowns to complete an ensemble ....not to mention there is a handful of individual hats, etc.

Because of Candy's donation, with just a few added items here and there, we will have MANY complete Angel Ensembles ready for distribution to NICU units.

Candy is able to sit and crochet as she watches baseball games.  In fact, I've just realized that she is an author and busy traveler...all for the love of baseball. 

You can check out her website at:  www.adventuresofabaseballfan.com

Candy sounds like a fun person who I'm sure I'll enjoy meeting one of these days!

In the meantime...THANK YOU Candy for all the beautiful crocheted gifts. 

Wishing you many hours of "on the edge of your seat" baseball games, which will result in many more hours of crocheting for Grandma's Promise! :)

Theresa (aka Grandma)

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