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Friday, May 25, 2012

Grandma's Promise in South Africa!!!

Meet Tertia in South Africa!!!!  Who would have ever thought that in less than two months time, Grandma's Promise would be at work, and going strong in a place far, far away from Owego, New York..... all the way in South Africa!!!  Once again, another confirmation that God's plans are much bigger than my own!

Tertia contacted me with a desire to help and make items for donations to Grandma's Promise.  She is able to knit some of the most adorable items. 

Rather than her go to the expense of shipping items to the states, it just made more sense for her to make items to donate to her local hospital NICU. 

Tertia is now our very first official representative for Grandma's Promise in South Africa. 

She recently wrote:  I know a paediatric surgeon in the Red Cross Hospital. He takes the articles to the NICU directly! I have sent the first batch ( in die photograph) already. And added the Grandma`s Promise note as well.
Lots of love

Thank you Tertia for so beautifully representing Grandma's Promise in your own corner of the world!

Theresa (Grandma)

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