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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Assembly Line Sewing

Wow, I sure wish I had thought of this little trick sooner!  Sewing the gowns that are a part of the Angel Ensembles is fairly easy and quick....except for finishing the pesky neck opening.  I had gotten to the point that I dreaded having to do that one little, itty, bitty seam UNTIL I had a "duh moment" at the fabric store. 

Looky, looky what I found in the "notions" section:

Yes, I admit that I SHOULD have thought of this earlier, but to be completely honest, I didn't realize I could purchase such small (1/4") double fold bias tape.  My goodness....this stuff has been a life saver!  I was able to purchase it in several colors (light pink, lavender, yellow, white, beige, navy blue, green).  The only color that I need but couldn't find was light blue. :(

I can't believe how much easier and FASTER it was to finish the neck opening for these tiny gowns.  What had always taken me a good 15 minutes (on a good sewing day), can now be accomplished in a couple of minutes literally!!! 

Just look at how neat everything looks now.  GOODBYE to puckers, ripples and cally-whompus seams.  No more pulling my hair out or beating my head against the sewing machine!!! 

1/4" double fold bias tape is my new best friend!!!! :)

In fact, because of this wonderful find, I actually had the nerve to cut out 12 angel gowns and sew them up "assembly line" method.

Hummm, I wonder what other little time-savers are yet to be discovered?  Remember, I never claimed to be a seamstress....I'm learning as I go!

Theresa (Grandma)

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